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Masturbation is the primary purpose and use of the Venus 2000.
A Definition of the Venus 2000 Attachments - We have three separate designs

Masturbation is the primary purpose and use of the Venus 2000. At the factory we refer to this part as a Receiver. A Receiver can be moved manually along the shaft only if you have an erection but it may be used with or without an erection with the V2000. For more details see Q&A below.

This is for engorgement (giving an artificial erection). Starting from the flaccid state this creates suction on the penis and this causes blood to be pulled into it to give an erection. Some then put a rubber band (cock ring) around the base of the penis to keep the blood from escaping and thus maintain the erection for a longer period.

Head Massager (HM) - Nipple Massager - (NM)
The HEAD MASSAGER and NIPPLE MASSAGER are the same item. We have given them different names to better define where and how they are used.

As a HEAD MASSAGER it is used for erotic stimulation of the penis Head (it may be moved closer to the body to stimulate the base of the shaft). It is the same design as the Receiver except it is only 3 inches long and it is used without the End Cap so you can insert through it. Without the End Cap and length, it does not stroke but does a squeeze-release action. This can be operated very slow or it can be turned up to over 300 times per minute. This is very erotic for most users. It is positioned manually and may be moved manually or automated.

As a NIPPLE MASSAGER it is used for sensual stimulation of the nipples or breast. When used in this way the End-Cap is left on and again it may be operated very slow or turned up to over 300 cycles per minute. This part can also be used on the Clitoral area and most users can achieve very dynamic orgasms. It is used only with the Venus unit.

Some Helpful Answers to Questions You May Have!

Does This Thing Really Work?

YES! DEFINITELY! The Venus 2000 is a hands-free stroking, sucking, pulsating fantasy in a box. Nothing else even comes close. Some guys use it for quick relief in minutes and some use it for hours at a time while they watch TV, read the newspaper or cruise the Web. Some use it 4 or 5 times a day while others may use it only once a month. Most guys wouldn't trade it back if offered twice their money back. Abco is very comfortable offering the 45 day trial period with a HASSLE FREE return policy. If it turns out that it's not for you, the $100 restocking fee is minimal and you will have learned some things about yourself. If you are in the majority, you will probably consider it one of the best investments you ever made.

How Does It Work For Masturbation?

The Venus 2000 has a gearmotor which drives a reciprocating diaphragm. Air moves to and from the outer chamber of the Receiver by a connecting hose. The amount of air in the system, or lack of it, is adjustable and determines the stroke length. Most guys can adjust it to move the full length of their shaft. To use it, you simply put some lubricant in the Receiver and place the head of your penis to the opening. When you turn the Venus 2000 on it will suck you in. It has the velvety feel of a well lubricated partner. Venus can be set to a soft and sensual 8 strokes per minute, or you can crank it up to a ball shaking 300 strokes per minute. You decide what you want and Venus complies with your wishes.

What Is Different When Used For Pumping?

While the Receiver (for masturbation) has a liner that hugs the full length of your shaft, the Pump does not. Without the liner the air around the penis becomes a part of the internal air in the system. For the Pump to work requires a good seal at the base of the Penis. The cyclic action of the diaphragm will cause some internal air to be expelled out through the one-way air valve on each rotation. This can be hastened by pushing the Out button on the Air Control Box. This creates continuous suction as long as a seal is maintained.

How Can I Have an Orgasm Without an Erection?

It is virtually impossible to masturbate by hand or have intercourse without a partial erection. Because the Venus 2000 draws you in, an erection isn't required. A properly fitted Receiver doesn't distinguish between an erect or flaccid penis. If you have an erection the Receiver will move up and down the shaft hands free. If you are flaccid the Receiver must be held in place by hand and it compacts the penis into the end and then pulls it out to full length. What you feel is the same, with or without an erection. Most guys can have orgasms without ever getting an erection and it is just as dynamically satisfying.

Will It Cause Me To Get an Erection?

First, the continuous stroking and sucking action of a Receiver will cause many guys to get hard when they otherwise cannot. Some men are amazed they can still "get it up". Second, since the Venus 2000 can be used as a Pump, it can cause you to get greater engorgement than ever before. The Venus 2000 is powerful enough to fully engorge, but not so powerful that it can cause harm as some systems do. (Good discretion is always advised.) When used as a Pump, the suction created will draw blood into your penis to cause full engorgement. By using some Liner material around the base of the penis, as a cock ring, some can maintain it for an extended period, even to have intercourse.

What Supports the Receiver?

A full erection supports the lightweight Receiver in any direction. Pointing down, it will move up and down the shaft of an erect penis. If you are erect and lying on your back, the Receiver can slide along your stomach. While on your side or sitting up, the Receiver is supported by the surface you are on. Placing a magazine or other slick surface under the Receiver will lessen the resistance.

How Long Will the Receiver Last?

Rubber tires do wear out on a car and how quickly is usually determined by the amount they are used. The same applies to the Liner material. Usually it lasts for several hundred uses. It is easy to install and replacement cost is minimal. The Housing should last indefinitely.

How Do I Get the Venus 2000 Fixed If I Have a Problem?

This is a good place to explain our company position and philosophy. The Venus 2000 has been accepted very well. We plan to be here for many years in the future. Our profit is from selling units, not servicing them. After the warranty has expired, repair service is available. As you can see, by looking at our order form, consumable parts are quite inexpensive. There is no need to be concerned with parts or repair.

Can I Share My Receiver?

We do not recommend this. We suggest each person purchase their own. This eliminates the possibility of transferring anything infectious. Although Receivers are custom fit, they are relatively inexpensive. New Receivers are usually sent by mail the same or next working day after they are ordered.

Will Using Venus 2000 Affect My Relationship With My Partner?

Not adversely. In fact, although not a replacement for intercourse with a partner, Venus 2000 actually enhances the relationship. Sexual tension due to uneven desire levels can be eliminated. It isn't possible for two people to desire sexual relief at the same time, all the time. Venus 2000 fills in those gaps. We have many reports that using Venus helps train men to last longer. Venus can be an excellent couple's device from foreplay to complete satisfaction. Venus does it all.

Why Do I Need Venus 2000?

The need for sexual release is a normal biological function. Given this need, your choices are: 1) Intercourse with an available and willing partner, 2) Masturbation, 3) Paying a prostitute and incurring risk, 4) Abstinence. If a partner isn't available, we think masturbation should be the choice. Venus 2000 makes masturbation very gratifying. Venus is the ultimate device for self-pleasure. You cannot possibly duplicate the performance by hand. Trying is believing.

Why do you require a signature?

We do not wish to have a box containing a product with the cost in excess of $900 left out where it can be seen. Common sense will tell you this needs to be received by someone and put in a safe place.

If no one is available to sign during delivery hours, what is my alternative?
There are many.

Many ship to their work address. When we do so we ship to YOU, C/O the school, office, business or company name. Because there is nothing to indicate the contents, the only requirement is that no one would be so foolish as to open a box sent in your name.

You can ask us to put on the box: If not home, please deliver to:
A neighbor you know is going to be home and you have made arrangements with or The office of a complex you are living in.
You can have it shipped to the nearest UPS Center that you know will be open when you are available to pick it up. If so, ask us to put "Hold for Pickup" on the box. If we do this, we do not tell UPS how to contact you but we can tell you when it will be there for pickup. YOU must make the initiative to pick it up since they cannot contact you. We then require that you have the "UPS Tracking number" and a photo ID. If you give us an email address, UPS will send you the tracking number. If you do not give us an email address you can contact us for the tracking number.

Please Note: If you are shipping to any address other than the address where your Credit Card is billed, you must phone your Credit Card company and list this address as an "alternate" shipping address. All Credit Card companies will do this for you! We do call them to verify this is a legitimate and authorized shipping address.

How big is the box and how much does it weigh?
The box is 12.62" long, 11.5" wide and 10.37" high. It will weigh approximately 17 pounds depending on how many extra things you ordered.

Is the Venus 2000 very noisy?

The Venus 2000 makes very little noise. It is unlikely that someone in an adjoining room would hear it operate unless there were otherwise near silence in that room. If it is a concern you could throw a couple of blankets over it.

How do I store it?

The Venus 2000 by itself is quite small and could be put most any place. Even a dresser drawer that is six inches deep would hold it. Most everything else will fit into the bag that most users get with it.

We now offer lockable storage containers from a third party. They are available in three sizes. Full information can be seen on the order form. Go to Pricing-Ordering and in the section titled Storage-Containers - OR just click here - and click on the "Show Storage Containers" button.

I am allergic to latex. Might this be a problem for me?

No. Even though the Liner material is made from Dry Natural Rubber the process that is used to manufacture it essentially eliminates the culprit ingredients that cause the problem. In the many years we have used it, we have never had any reports of a problem or of anyone having a reaction to it.

Are the orgasms different when using the Venus 2000?

Orgasms can be very dynamic and powerful while using the Venus 2000. You are in total control and can slow down the stroking or turn it off or back on at any time. This process will also help teach restraint that will carry over to intercourse.

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