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Premium Penis Pump Set
Zero Nicotine
Zero Nicotine is an innovative cessation aid designed to help you give up smoking safely and naturally.
Penis pumps = intense stimulation and growth potential.
The Original Jes-Extender, Penis Extender

The Jes-Extender is the original, most popular and trusted penis extender. It uses traction to assist the human body's natural ability to change and develop under physical influence. If a certain part of the body is exposed to a stretch over a long period of time, the cells in this area begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass. Enlargement will result in both the length and width (girth) of the penis. This natural principle has been known and used through centuries in many different cultures in order to extend various body parts

While the penis is extended outward, the cell count and overall capacity of your penis is expanding. An increase in the number of newly formed cells occurs, significantly increasing the tissue mass and permitting an additional capacity of blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger and harder erections. You may expect an increase in penile length and girth in both the flaccid and erect states.

The package comes with the extender kit, a user manual, and a durable wooden storage case.

The Extender

The Extender consists of a specially designed ring of plastic material that is placed around the base of the penis. Silicone tubing fastens around the head of the penis area to the plastic support piece. Between the base ring and the support piece are two loaded bars that apply a variable tension between 1.5 and 3.3 pounds. The tension can be adjusted by either turning the knobs located near the base ring or by adding additional tension bars.

User Manual

This booklet outlines the penis enlargement program. We recommend that all users consult this manual throughout their enlargement program.

It is not necessary to wear the extender for a long uninterrupted time to obtain results. As an example, after 4 hours of daily treatment for 12 months, you may expect the same final result as 8 hours daily for 6 months. You can also take a break for a period of time without diminishing the final result. Refraining from using the extender does not result in losing part of the enlargement already gained.

The device is non-invasive and not painful to wear.

In an industry populated by "large" claims and little results, the Jes-Extender has survived the test of time as a penis enlargement device that consistently produces effective results. Click here !

Penis Pumping Kit
Geared toward the novice, this kit has everything you need to get pumping, including a handy, instructional DVD, Maximum Performance: The Man’s Guide to Erection and Potency. This premium outfit also comes with a 9 inch cylinder (available in 1¾”, 2” or 2¼” diameters) and the high quality, Deluxe Brass Hand Pump (preferred for its single hand operation and gauge to help you maintain appropriate pressure levels).  A tremendous value, purchasing these items separately would cost $182.50, so you also save money when you choose this swank set.

Penis Pumping Kit
Penis Pumping Kit
Brass Hand Pump
Brass Hand Pump
Each of these pumps is for use with any cylinder that has an Air Pressure Valve. The use of a cylinder pump creates a vacuum that will engorge and enlarge tissues. It will work by creating a partial vacuum seal around the penis or nipples that pulls blood to the surface, thereby creating an erection. There will be a warm and sensitive sensation, but it is temporary; eventually, everything will return to its former size.
The Brass Basic Hand Pump is suitable for wet or dry use. Many pumpers have reported that hand-pumping while in the shower with warm or hot water can be very pleasurable. The warmth also helps the penis to expand. Click here!

The Deluxe Brass Hand Pump has a PSI pressure gauge for accuracy and safety. It is durable and designed for one hand use. However, this pump needs to be kept dry as it is NOT suitable for wet use (such as in the shower/tub, or in other steamy settings). click here !
The Brass Basic Hand Pump
The Deluxe Brass Hand Pump
Fleshlight - Male Masturbation Sextoy !
fleshlight - Male Masturbation Sextoy !
#1 Male Masturbation Sextoy . . . . .
Penis Enlargement System
What is an average-sized penis? - Click here !

The average size of a penis is between 6 and 6 1⁄2 inches long and 1 3⁄4 inch thick.

» When would a penis be considered small?

This is a very common question. As we’ve talked about before, an average-sized penis is about 6 inches long and 1 3⁄4 inch thick. However there is no direct answer to satisfy everybody, since the penis size issue is related to how comfortable or uncomfortable someone is with his own penis.

» How important size really is?

This is the second most common question related to this subject and, even though it can be answered sometimes, it is true that penis size can become really important. About 83% of women have confessed that they are more attracted to and feel more pleasure with a partner who has a considerably big penis. Most researches suggest that the ideal penis would be bigger than 6 1⁄2 inches long and 2 inches thick.

» Can I make my penis bigger?

Even though there are an endless number of methods and drugs that promise results without any justification, it is possible to enlarge your penis with safe and reliable methods within reasonable limits. 

» What are the available methods?

Currently, the most disseminated and tested programs are based on exercises. They are divided into first-generation exercises that generally offer good results; second-generation exercises that are basically oriented to developing the corpora cavernosa, and the third-generation exercises, which main advantage is the technique for stretching the penis suspensory ligament, allowing the largest part of the penis to be pulled out of the body and offering good results for both length and girth, including complicated cases and treatments for elderly men.

There are other less recommended methods, such as pills, stretchers, weights, and surgery which do not have any guaranteed results and can cause serious side effects.

» What are the real possibilities for me to enlarge my penis?

Real enlargement possibilities depend on several factors, such as race and the initial size before initiating the program. Generally, the smaller the penis, the bigger are the chances of growth. However, Asians and Caucasians have better chances than Black men. A realistic average perspective for growth would be one inch in length and half an inch in thickness (girth.)

» When would it be considered reasonable to enlarge my penis?

Besides finding out whether there is really a problem, the decision to enlarge your penis is something really personal. There are men who really suffer with the size of their penises, while others do not have any problems and only wish to make it bigger. What must be kept in mind is that fifteen million men annually decide to use an enlargement program and 87% of them say they are happy they had made that decision.

» Where can I find a natural enlargement program?

The most modern penis enlargement alternative is the on-line natural program offered by very serious on-line centers, which are extremely serious, effective and accessible.  Click here !
Big Man's Penis Pump
Big Man's Pump
Hi-tech pump creates a superb vacuum seal quickly and effortlessly. Comes with precise measurement system on cylinder and quick release valve. click here !

Magnum Power Pump - Penis Pump
Magnum Power Pump - Penis Pump
Magnum Power Pump
This penis pump is ideal for beginners who want to increase the size of their cock. The device creates a tight vaccuum seal around the penis, causing intense suction and additional mass. The pump has a quick air release control, pneumatic bulb, latex ring for a tight seal and a see-thru cylinder to monitor the results.  Click Here !
Penis Pump - cheap penis pumps !
Automatic Sta Hard Pump
Automatic Sta Hard Pump
Advanced automatic pump just squeeze the trigger and the pump does the rest. Battery operated automatic suction Seamless, flanged cylinder with measurements Easy release valve Flexible non-crimping hose TPR donut and ABS cylinder 3 AAA batteries 9.5 x 3/24 cm x 8 cm  - Click Here !
Bathmate Hercules Hydropump Aqua
The world's only water-powered penis enlarger!, Gain up to 4 inches in length, up to 30% in girth, up to 40% in volume! Straightens bent penis, increases penis strength and stamina, intensifies orgasms, increases climax control! 100% Money back guarantee!  Click Here !
Adam and Eve T.E.S. Total Erection System
This kit is a handful of complementary products. The penis pump can be used to cause an erection and expand the penis. The cock ring can be used to maintain that erection, and the cyberskin sleeve and vibrator is a top shelf product to put that masturbation to use. Or, they can be used all together as the sleeve easily fits in the tube. Click Here !
Features: Compatibility: This kit works with all our penis pumping accessories. Vacu-Lock suction: The high grade vacu-lock connector allows you to remove the cylinder from the pump. Leaving the cylinder on your penis to do its work. Flexibility: If you're not interested in sensations or vibrations, you can use just the pump and cylinder to achieve the results you desire. Quality: Each kit is made of solid materials built to last. Accessories: The penis stimulator sleeve has numerous nubs on the inside that stroke and caress your growing penis while inside of the pump. The sleeve is made from a cyberskin material that will feel smooth and comfortable against your skin, with no chafing. The cyberskin is also PVC, phthalate, latex and toxic free. An easy to read gauge and pistol grip handle enable you to create a tight seal around your penis while you inflate, plus you will also be able to monitor the amount of pressure that you're applying. You will receive a restriction enhancer cock ring. It is a special cock ring that you can apply before using the pump. Once the pump is removed the cock ring continues to keep the cock firm and erect and now, thanks to the pump, longer and fuller. The multi-speed micro-mini vibe will gently massage your balls while you're pumping your penis. This stimulation of the testicles will promote more growth penis growth. .  Click Here !